Sunday, January 25, 2015

Taking back the shower.

There are a lot of phrases coming out of my mouth lately that I'd never thought I'd need to say.
There is no exaggerating when people say "toddlers get into everything". I mean, it really is everything. Every square inch of our place is his territory now that he is walking.

And he doesn't want toys. He wants toilet seats, toilet wands, cat food, potato mashers, the dishwasher door, sharp scissors, and anything from the recycling bin.

"Felix, please don't lick the toilet seat"

"Felix, please stop sticking your hands in the trash can"

"Felix, mommy deserves to shower without an audience."

That one really struck me as I said it.
Because, I really do deserve to take a shower without a toddler trying to pull the shower curtain down, or throw his sippy in the toilet, or stick his ENTIRE mouth around the toilet brush. Please excuse me while I throw up at the very though of that.

Yes, motherhood is sacrificial. Yes, we are in charge of a tiny human at ALL times. Yes, I am no longer my first priority.
But can't a sister take a shower alone?
Do I have to feel guilty every time I pass Felix off to Seth for 3.5 minutes to take a shower in peace?
But I do.

While I am "Mom" 24/7, 365, always on call, always ready, I am also chief house cleaner. Chief grocery shopper aka belly satisfier. Chief laundry doer. Chief banker.  I am still a person aside from my role as Mom. But seeing as that every second of every day I am "Mom", being a person aside from that is tricky.

So I've decided to take back showering.  Dangerous, I know. But satisfying. And peaceful...kinda. For 3.5 minutes while Felix yells and bangs on the door I pretend to be blissfully unaware. Even though I'm really not, Moms, are we ever unaware of anything that's going on with our babies?

I love the quote, "Moms don't sleep. They worry with their eyes closed".

I'm learning that self care is really important. It always seems to be the first thing to go when motherhood sets in. It's crazy how unimportant deodorant and a hair brush can be on most days. And how moms can have perfectly styled children while staying in the same yoga pants for 3 days. I recently discovered that my favorite pair of yoga pants, maternity yoga pants mind you, had holes up the ENTIRE middle seam in the back.
Blissfully unaware, right?
Thank goodness I usually wear yoga pants with a sweater that covers my butt.

Welp, Felix's naptime has officially expired. 30 minutes to a T. Maybe our next child will be a good napper. A mama can dream.


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