Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello from Aloha!

Aloha! Or should I say hello?
Well, greetings from our new home in Aloha, OR.
It's not pronounced the way you would think.
It's actually pronounced UH-LOA.
We learned that from the locals. 

We're slowly settling into our new digs.
But it's hard for me to totally settle knowing that we won't be here for longer than 6 months -- we will moving into a house of our OWN soon. 
Now that is something to look forward to. 

Oregon is a fun new place for us. Everything seems so different, so foreign. I imagine it will take some time for us to adjust for it to truly feel like home.

Seth is really liking his new job. If you're wondering, he's manufacturing airplane parts. I wish I could explain in more detail but I would be stumbling over some pretty big words like silicone and fuselage. Ask him if you must know more. 

And our new place is only 15 minutes away from his work, which is such a lifesaver. The traffic in Portland is a nightmare so we needed something close to his work. 

I'm adjusting to what its like to have Felix with me full time.
With Seth having been in school after he was born, and then job hunting, and then living with my parents...I had someone around most of the time. And we had friends near by so we were able to go out on dates if we wanted or get some free time for ourselves.
I know it's only been a week but I'm already craving that date night. That alone time. Because even after bedtime there's still cleaning, unpacking, laundry, and tons of sewing -- the mundane stuff. It makes you crave a night out alone with your husband. Not to mention we spent the two previous weeks without each other, including Christmas. 

And Felix has had a tough time adjusting, if you were wondering. 
It's hard to adjust to a new room, in a new home, while being sick. 
I need an extra dose of patience and grace with him. And I need to join a mom's group...STAT. 

I think we're all craving normalcy. And we'll get there. I know it.
I keep telling myself "we've only been here a week". 

Here's a few things we love about Oregon so far:
1. Not having to pump my own gas. When you have a toddler that screams every time you're out of sight, getting gas can be tricky. 
2. Strip malls. They are EVERYWHERE. If you don't see the store you are looking for, drive a half mile the other direction an I bet you can find it. 
3. Weather. It's nice having some real weather, and not having to worry about the drought all the time. 
4. Everything is green! Hence the rain and the non-drought. I love being in this new landscape.
5. Mountains. On a clear day you can see Mount St. Helens and Mt. Hood from the main road you drive on. There's just something really neat about these towering beasts of mountains close by. 
6. My friends. I haven't lived within driving distance of my two closest friends since 2010. Now they are both within 30 minutes of me, and there are even more of them in Seattle --it's a dream come true. 
7. BEER. If there is one thing I'm snobby about, it's beer. This is land of the beer snobs and I love it. LOVE it. 
8. People are so nice here. Maybe it's just first impressions but everyone I've encountered so far is super friendly. 

I'm sure the list will grow as time goes on. There are definitely things I miss about California -- but we're on to new and exciting things so it's important to focus on the positive. 

And thank you for all of your prayers and happy thoughts these past few weeks. We feel them. 

With love, from Oregon. 

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  1. You want a date weekend, bring the boy down and go to Bend and spend the nite at one of the inns'. I will do it on the house and he can enjoy my kids. I am so glad you are close and maybe I can come visit or we can meet somewhere. I love the picture of the two of you. I hope you continue to find everyone friendly, I really do. I hope too you can find a mom's group if that is what you crave. Love you and your honesty. Tanya