Friday, August 8, 2014

Felix Alexander: 8 Months

Dear Felix,
You are 8 months old and growing oh so fast. 

This past month has been an exciting one.
You went from not uncoordinated scooting to jetsetting across the room. We can't figure out how to properly contain you in our little apartment! Putting you in our hamper is a temporary (and funny) solution.
You are still trying to push out that first tooth. Still.
Teething seems to never end. You can now see the white part on the bottom right tooth -- so it's coming and soon. Please be soon, Lord. Teeting has brought out the crankiness in you, a trait I'd forgetten you had!

You are so goofy. When you wake up in the morning you babble until I sit up and look into the crib -- then you just giggle. Almost like saying "haha Mom, you thought I'd sleep a little longer, not today!"
You love to dance with me. It makes you laugh and smile when we twirl around. 
You also love to bounce. We have two different bouncing aparatuses, and when you're not in them you are pretending to bounce while standing -- it kind of looks like you're trying to twerk, we should tell Miley Cyrus that its way cuter when you do it. 
We discovered that you love to swing. I'm trying to find a park close to our house that we can take you to swing at!

You still are sleeping great at night -- with a couple of wakeups here and there with those pesky teeth. We have your schedule down to a T -- which makes things pretty predictable. 
We've gone on a lot of family adventures this month.
Hiking, Gilroy Gardens, museums, beer festivals...
we're trying to get it all in before Dad has to get a job and join the real world. 

It has been HOT. We've enjoyed taking you in the pool.
You love to splash, LOVE. It is fun to see how much you enjoy the water. 
You also love to babble. It's usually mama or baba. We are teaching you to wave and say "bye-bye" and you actually are pretty good at it. 
You had your first modeling audition for Walmart. 
But teething and over-tiredness got the best of you so you didn't get the photoshoot. 
Thats ok.
I know who's the cutest boy. 
It's you, my dear. 
You were also supposed to get an MRI this month.
We decided not to, kind of last minute.
One day I'll explain to you about the drama of your sacral dimple. 
I'm just glad we didn't have to go through the drama of depriving you of food (apparently for an MRI they are very strict about having food in your system), putting you under anasthesia, and just going through such a tough process in general. 

I want to remember and write down every single funny or sweet thing you do. 
There are just so many. 
Like getting so happy when you see your Dad after a nap that you just lay your head on my shoulder in delight. 
Like squealing when you see Penelope walking towards you. 
You know when it's bathtime, we can put you on the floor and run on the water and your crawl all the way to the tub. 
When you see either of your Grandma's you light up like a firework and start talking to them. 
Sometimes when you first start drinking a bottle you pull it out of your mouth and girgle the milk. 
You constantly roll over during diaper changes, making them resemble more of a wrestling match than a diaper change. 
You like to play the drums. Anytime there is a hard surface in front of you, you bang on it rythmically. Fellow restauraunt patrons love when you do that in public. 
You know how to high-five. And you get so excited when you hit the persons hand with a loud "clap" on the first try. 
Being your mama is a joy and a delight. 
I whisper "I love you" as often as I can -- I truly don't think I could say it enough.
Sometimes often I nibble on your cheeks, your thighs, and your sweet little belly. 
You make me feel all the feelings. 
I love you sweet boy. 

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