Monday, January 20, 2014


Here we are 6 weeks into parenthood and we are being to settle into a new normal. 
This "normal" is anything but normal though, each day brings something new and unexpected.

Take today for example, Felix decided to puke up an entire bottle he had just finished while in his car seat -- completely obliterating our plans to go to church because his car seat cover had to be washed ASAP..and then you have to line dry it. I'll tell you what..

Aint nobody got time for that. 

The hardest part of this new normal is that we no longer make our schedule,
 Felix completely runs the show.
I'm not talking plans here, just a plain old schedule...I mean, I can't even dictate how the next 5 hours are going to go most of the time. 

I think one of the hardest parts of adjusting to parenthood has been the complete impossibility of being selfish (and this is probably a good thing for me.)
I'm lucky if I brush my teeth every three days (sorry, Seth). 
I think I've only changed the bedsheets once since coming home.
We still eat on paper plates with plastic utensils because the only dishes I'm willing to do are bottles.
The only thing I continually stock in the refrigerator is half & half, because I'd be even more of a mess without my morning coffee!
Don't get me wrong, Felix is the joy of all joys. 
But my idol-ridden heart is grieving the days when life was easier,
grieving the days when I could "do me", as the hip kids say. 

We are going to three weddings this year. 
My best advice to newlyweds other than "protect the dickens out of your marriage and your spouse"
 is to wait.
Please, wait to have babies.
Unless you know your eggs are going to dry up tomorrow. 
No matter how ready you think you are, you're still not. 
Cherish your time being alone with your spouse.
Snuggle all day, and all night.
Get dressed up and go to fancy restaurants.
Make out whenever you want.
Stay out until the sun comes up.
Go on a road trip.
circa 2010
Yes, you can still have fun and do many of the things you wanted to do in life with a baby.
But guaranteed it will take a lot more time and effort.
Yes, I wouldn't trade anything in the whole wide world for that baby.
But it's hard.
Really, really hard. 

You'll miss the days when you could leave the house in a split second. 
And going to the movies. 
And your pre-pregnancy clothes. 
And wearing your hair down. 
And taking your sweet time to eat a meal.
Or just eating a meal with two hands. 
And date-night. You will miss date nights where all you can think about is how much you love your hubs instead of how much you wonder how your baby is doing. 

You will love the love. 
You will love the coos and sweet little grunts.
You will likely celebrate poop, believe it or not. 
You will laugh when you get peed on.
You will cherish the snuggles.
You will stare at his face for hours, unaware of how much time has passed.
You will wish he would wake up from his nap because you miss holding him.
You will marvel at the bond you and your baby have. 
Your heart will live outside your body, forever.

You will never, ever regret having that sweet baby though. 
Of course, they are worth it. They are way more than worth it. 
But, wait. 
If you can. 
We wanted to, but God had other plans. Good plans. 
Plan's I'm excited to see come to fruition. 
Don't let the pressure of age or eager wanna-be grandparents get to you. 
Babies are not the end-all of marriage.

In six short weeks our life has shifted dramatically. 
We are still adjusting.
We are settling in to our new digs as parents. 
The dust is starting to clear and we are slowly getting the hang of it.
We love the heck out of our boy.
He is as sweet as they come. 


  1. I know what you mean about eager to be grandparents! My mom is definitely pressuring me and I'm not even married! She'll have to settle with a grand-puppy for now :) . I love reading about your story, and i can't wait to meet the little man!

  2. he is so cute. I think the first six weeks are the hardest. And personally the lack of sleep was the worst for me....thank goodness for coffee! Glad to see you enjoying him so...motherhood fits you nicely :)

  3. Oh I get this. So get this. And we were married 4 years before Kayla. Take advantage of that grandma. Go out often. I know you will. I love your heart and your desire to put marriage first. You guys are the cutest. All three of you. :)