Saturday, November 30, 2013

40 weeks: Oh Hey, D-Day.

Well folks. Today is my due date and baby Felix is still tucked safely away in my belly.
I've had lots of symptoms but nothing we wait. 
Here is some 40 week hot mess real-ness for you:

It's amazing how quickly a pregnant lady brain can go from normal to crazy.
One month ago I would have said that NEVER in a MILLION years would I think about desperate home induction attempts like Castor Oil.
And I'll be real. Last night I honestly considered heading to Rite Aid to buy some. 
I didn't.
I thought long and hard about it. 
And I'm still thinking.
Don't hate me for that. I know he'll come when he's ready. I just really was hoping he'd be ready today. 

Theres still a lot of hours left in today. 
We are going to get our Christmas tree, and maybe go to dinner with my dad.
Because after all, today is Grandpa's (my dad's) birthday -- and that would be the most awesome birthday present to your dear old Grandpa, wouldn't it Felix? 

My brother was born on my Grandpas birthday, so it felt really, extra special that Felix was due on my own Dad's birthday. 

I digress. I know many (most) first time pregnancies go past their due date. I know the national average for pregnancy is 41 weeks and 1 day. 
But still. 
I have an appointment scheduled on Monday, at which point they will start talking induction and all that stuff we don't want. I'll probably agree to get checked and have my membranes stripped, too. Just to see. And I'll continue to think about that castor oil. But I probably won't do it. Probably. 

I'll keep you updated. Check FB and Instagram for the most recent updates. 
His cute little self will be in this world SOON, and I'll just have to remind myself of that every hour until "soon" becomes "right NOW". 

In the mean time, I still am working on some orders for my shop since theres no baby here yet. 
So if you were planning on better order..NOW. The clock is ticking. 
And there are some awesome deals this weekend.

Double wrap scarves - normally $38 - are only $28 -- and there is a coupon code this weekend for 25% off. That's a seriously great deal, you guys. 

Coupon code is "THANKS25"

Also, boot cuffs are coming. And they are CUTE. All I have left to do is find the perfect buttons for them, so hold tight. Here is a sneak peak. 

Dear Felix,
You are hereby served an official eviction notice.
You must vacate the premises of my belly. 
You have approximately 1 week before the doctors make plans to forcefully evacuate you.
And about 3 days until your mama gets hella desperate. 
No hard feelings, ok?
We're just so excited to meet you.
There are tons of people that are. 
Maybe your holding out a little longer because your worried about all the love you'll be bombarded with.
Don't be scared little buddy. Love is a very good thing. 

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