Monday, November 25, 2013

39 weeks. 5 days till D-Day.

Well guys, I'm still pregnant. Womp Womp.
I was kinda hoping Felix might be here by now. But I'm not overdue yet so I'll keep the complaining for if that happens.

Today I cried because Wendy's ran out of chocolate Frosty.
I stormed out of the drive through line and headed to McDonalds for a McFlurry. Please don't judge me.

Just understand that I've been carrying this bundle of joy around for 9 FULL months. I can no longer reach my toes, or ankles...or calfs. I get stuck in chairs at restaurants. I crave sweets non-stop. I get out of breath walking to the car. I cycle through the same 3 pairs of yoga pants because all of my other ones don't fit anymore.

I really would like a margarita.
I would also really like to meet my little boy already.

I had almost 3 straight hours of regular contractions yesterday. And then they quit when we got home.
That was sad.

I'm doing lots of squatting.
And bouncing on the ball thing.
And third trimester tea drinking.
And evening primrose oil taking.
And walking.
And praying.
And asking others to pray.

I know, I know he will come when he's ready.
And the day he gets here will probably be the day I wished I had more time.
I know life is about to change drastically, so I should be soaking up every silent moment. Every moment alone with my husband. Every adult conversation. Every clean towel. Every clean...everything.

Dear Felix,

We get to meet you SO soon, little boy.
 We are terrified, excited, and so anxious to meet you.
 You are so loved. So very loved.

I hope your eyes are kind like your Daddys. I hope you are funny like him too.

 I hope you know soon how much Jesus loves you, and how His love is bigger and better than the love we could ever supply.

Your parents don't quite have it all together yet. Your first years will probably be spent in apartments and condos. You may have to share a room with us for a while. But, we're pretty clean for the most part.

You will probably know more about airplanes than all of your friends. I bet Grandpa already has an RC airplane picked out with your name on it. Your Dad and Uncle Micah will probably have you on dirt bikes, motorcycles, and other dangerous things much before I'm ready -- but that's ok, sometimes your Mom is much too afraid of the world.

I will probably try and dress you up like a Grandpa for a long time. You know, cardigans, bow ties, corduroys, and suspenders. Your Dad thinks I'm silly for thinking old guys are so cute, but not to worry little man, Dad's the only one who could steal your Mom's heart.

Come soon.
Oh, and turn face down while you're at it. I don't like my eggs sunny side up -- and I'm pretty sure I don't want my baby that way either.

Love you.

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