Tuesday, November 5, 2013

36 weeks. 25 days to go!!

How far along? 36 weeks

Baby size? Felix is about the size of a coconut according to baby center...he is about 6 pounds and 19 inches long. His head is measuring at 39 weeks though, Lord help me.

What's he up to in there? 
Baby is LOW. Like lower than low. This week I said hello to pressure, more difficulty walking, sitting, standing...pretty much doing anything.
Because I switched providers they had to do another big ultrasound to do all measurements and such..his head was so low they couldn't find the top of it on the screen. Woo!
He's also busy kicking and jabbing at my organs, causing me lots of discomfort. Even though he is low I have a feeling he is long..so his feet are still in my ribs.

Total Weight Gain?
About 35.
I met with a new midwife this past week, and the heavens opened. She was the sweetest, nicest, most encouraging woman.
She told me that my body was designed to carry and gain more weight during pregnancy because of the way I'm shaped (pear), which made me feel so much better. She told me I was doing everything right and as long as I wasn't shoveling sugar into my mouth I'm doing great. That was such a relief to hear. God has been faithful to provide a caring and supportive midwife, just what I always wanted!

Stretch marks? 
And I think they'll keep coming and growing until baby gets here.
Fun stuff.

  What's that?
I sleep in about 4-5 hour intervals.
I have extremely strange dreams and an incredibly hard time getting comfortable.
I wake up with my mind racing about anything and everything.

Best Moment?
Seeing baby again. He has a sweet little face. Or big face if we're being real.

Also, Seth and I's birthing classes have been awesome.
I feel closer to him, I feel like we're communicating well, and I feel like he will be the best birth coach ever.
If you guys have ever though about natural child birth I would highly suggest taking classes through the Bradley Method.

Last night we got to make onesies during class while the husbands studied the stages of labor. Kind of awesome.

Also, this was fun. I'm kinda bummed we didn't get to do anything very spirited but those who did get to see this costume in person were thoroughly entertained and freaked out.
We went to Chipotle to get $3 BOO-ritos.

Miss anything?
Lets just say I'm kinda over being pregnant.
I haven't been one to complain a whole lot during this pregnancy but man oh man...
Pants are pretty much not an option anymore -- my maternity jeans are not comfortable with how low the baby is. All of my shirts are too short so I feel self conscious.

Some mamas told me that I wouldn't mind having my belly exposed or having those low cut maternity jeans that don't go over your belly, well that couldn't be further from the truth. I hate having my belly exposed, and yet there is nothing that will cover my belly in remotely cute way.

Oh yes.
Lots of hiccuping these days. 
I'm thirsty all the time, which causes me to crave bubble tea, frostees, and as of last night, slurpees.

I don't feel great by any means.
Not queasy..but just icky. Short of breath, with a mild headache and extreme exhaustion.

I bought little pee-pee tee-pees last week so we can avoid (as best as possible) getting peed on during diaper changes and other naked baby activities.
Having a boy is starting to slightly freak me out as I think about puberty, dating, body hair, sex talk....I know we have a while but the whole thought of talking about those things with my kid is frightening.

Labor signs? 
But because his head is low and he has dropped quite a bit I won't be surprised if those signs start coming.

Belly button?  
It has definitely turned out more, but is not full outty. 

Wedding rings on/off?
 Still off.
I miss them a lot. 

Sleepy. Uncomfortable. Borderline crabby.

Looking forward to?
Getting this little man out and kissing his little face.

Anything else?
I have been crocheting a lot and selling a lot of items which is awesome.
I appreciate your guys' continued support.
Please take a look at some of the new items now available!!