Tuesday, October 22, 2013

34 weeks. Waddles, Baby Showers, and the Name.

Just in case you missed it, we announced the official name of baby Van Nuys.
We've had it decided since about....14 weeks. 
But it's easier to tell people the name you've decided on when he's almost here, there are less rude comments like "well you still have time to change it." and "are you sure you want to name your baby THAT?" -- that was another favorite of mine.
his name is Felix Alexander Van Nuys.
No family affiliation of Felix. Alexander is Seth's besties name. We love it. A lot. 
It's the perfect blend of classic and funky - just like Seth and I, or something like that.

How far along? 34 weeks

Baby size? Size of a butternut squash. But I'm pretty sure most butternut squash are not 18 inches long and weighing close to 5 pounds.

What's he up to in there? 
He's messing with his mamas internal organs.
There has been lots of shifting going on in there, lots of painful moments where I'm not sure if my kid just pulled on my stomach or my bladder - or both simultaneously.
He can recognize songs that I sing to him at this point (seriously awesome).
He pee's about one pint a day.

He's a busy little guy listening to mama sing, peeing, and punching. Womb life is the good life.

Total Weight Gain?
Only 26.
But the remarks from the doctors continue to no avail.
This past week I was told that because of my weight gain she thought I would have a large baby but that I'm measuring right on time. I wanted to get real snarky with her, but I didn't.
How is it that some women in my life gained WAY more weight than me at this point and their doctors didn't say a word? Maybe it's the way medicine is going lately with obesity on the rise... I know they're trying to be cautious but sheesh gimme a break!

Stretch marks? 
Yep. And they are up past my belly button. How cute is that?

  Still pretty good!
I can go some nights without having to get up at all. Little man is very active at night, though that doesn't stop me from sleeping -- perhaps its because I'm so exhausted from the day.

Best Moment?
Our shower was fantastic.
So many people came and loved on us. I was slightly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people but I did get a chance to say hello to everyone and thank them for being there, so my duty was done!

My mom worked hard. She was a literal beast in pulling everything together. 

Our guests did some baby wishing. 
Or Seth commanding in this case. This is one of my favorites that was filled out. 

Our guests also did some bib decorating. 
 This one reads in Spanish, "my aunties in Washington love me a lot."

We also ate some amazing cake.
When my friend Kristen told me she wanted to do the cake I had no idea it would turn out this amazing.
That reminds me, we have some left over in the fridge right now...and it would make a great breakfast. Be right back. 

Our guests also guessed Felix's birthday. Closest date and time will get a cash prize!

It was the best day. 
What a blessing to have all of those who love and care for us in one place. 

Miss anything?
Many things.
I really want to snuggle up on the couch with a glass of wine and my husband.
I also miss my non-clutzy self. I knock over and drop everything these days and can't pick anything up! Most of the time I just stare at the things I drop on the floor and wait for someone to notice that it is impossible for me to bend down that low and come to my rescue.
I miss having energy. I do one errand and am ready for a nap. I'm ready for that nap on my way out the freakin' door before I even get the errand done!

I also miss walking like a human as opposed to a penguin.
When I'm not busy waddling, I'm hoisting myself up on a car, ledge, bench or wall trying to catch my breath so I can continue waddling to my destination.

All day, every day.
Praise God for that, otherwise I'd be a nervous wreck. 
Most of the cravings are gone...I'm actually not as ravenously hungry as I used to be.
I did crave bubble tea hard core on the way home from the shower though -- I'm very glad the one place in town that has bubble tea was open :)

Seth and I both have some kind of cold icky-ness going on right now.
Sore throat, cough, stuffy nose -- the works.

Have I mentioned how ridiculously cute little boy clothes are?
The clothes we got at our shower are seriously darling.
I can't wait to see him dressed up in every single one of them.

Our friends know us so well.
We got a plethora of Disney, Winnie the Pooh, Air plane, and CAT gear.
This onesie took the cake.

Labor signs? 
I will be refusing cervical checks until I'm in actual labor anyways -- who the heck needs to worry about how dilated I am? The only time we'll know the baby is coming is when I'm in actual labor. All that checking is going to do is put me into a panicked frenzy.

Belly button?  
My belly button has definitely started to turn out more. It still looks inny but my well trained eye can recognize that it's looking more outty these days. 

Wedding rings on/off?
 Still off.
I miss them a lot. 

Pleasant but exhausted.
This past weekend was all kinds of amazing, but all kinds of exhausting.

Looking forward to?
Well, since work is done and my besties have come and gone....I now get to look forward to Felix being here!
I have lots to do until then...
like washing all of his clothes, organizing all of his clothes, building his crib, packing our hospital bag..

Anything else?
The new doctor situation is working out well. Sweet relief.

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Alright ya'll.
Thanks for tuning in.
I'll be back soon with more pregnancy talk -- aren't you excited it's almost over?!

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