Tuesday, October 8, 2013

32 weeks. 52 days until D-Day. Oh Snap.

How far along? 32 weeks

Baby size? Size of a pumpkin. Which is a totally obvious size because pumpkins are always 1 shape and size, right? No. Come on Baby Center App, get it together.
Baby is about 4 pounds & 17 inches long.

What's he up to in there? 
Baby Van Nuys is a mover and a shaker. He likes to hang out only on the right side of my belly. He lets his mama sleep most nights, which I am very appreciative of. He still likes to sleep with his hands and his feet. He's busy putting on about 1/2 pound per week - he has real hair, toenails and fingernails.
Also, he's busy being the cutest little guy I've ever seen.
Just look at him!!

I cried as I looked at his little face and saw that he already looks like Seth.
Call me silly. 
Call me crazy.
Maybe I'm both.
But those little cheeks and forehead have Seth written all over them.

Total Weight Gain?
Probably 30 by now.
I go to the doctor again tomorrow.
I've come to dread it every time. 

Stretch marks? 
And you know what I learned this week?
My mother didn't get a single one with either of her pregnancies.
I wanted to hit her.

  It's been pretty good.
I hope that continues for a little while longer, I know I can't count on it until the end of my pregnancy. But I'll happily take it for as long as I can :)
I do find myself being a lot more tired at the end of the day which definitely helps me get to sleep.
Seth and I have also been practicing some relaxation techniques that we've been learning in our Bradley Birth classes which helps me get into sleep mode. Last night I was so relaxed I was drooling on my pillow and I didn't even realize!

Best Moment?
Seeing his sweet face -- that made my heart swollen with all kinds of feelings.
And 32 weeks means I'm officially 8 months pregnant.
Which is a definite milestone - we are getting so close!

Miss anything?
Having control over my body. Pregnancy does very mysterious things to your body. Very mysterious.
No need for details here, any woman who's had a baby knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Oh yes! Feeling him move all day keeps me sane, otherwise I'd constantly worry about if he was still ok in there.  
Still the same.
Burritos & Sweet Things.
Yum & yum.


future stud muffin.
doubt me? Look at my husband ;)

Labor signs? 
I started to have some Braxton Hicks this past week which took me by surprise.

Belly button?  
Still inny! I'm waiting....and waiting...and waiting for it to turn out but I don't think it's gonna happen. 

Wedding rings on/off?
 Off. Completely off. 
It is sad, BUT the bright side is that now when I put on lotion I don't have to worry about crap getting stuck in my rings. It's quite freeing to not have to worry about that! 

They have been replaced by my Grandpas wedding ring, and I always wear my rings on a long chain around my neck. 
My fingers swell more and more by the day. 

Pleasant, most of the time.
I have two weeks of work left which is exciting and something to look forward to.
Random crying fits are becoming more familiar.

Looking forward to?
My besties are coming to visit in two weeks, they are coming for the baby shower! Woot woot!
I absolutely love having them here.
Also, my last day of work is in exactly 9 days!

Anything else?
Baby is moving lower -- yesterday I felt like he was going to break through my bladder.

Weird stomach pains, which hurt when I bend over and change position have started -- unlike any other pain I've had this whole pregnancy.

Yesterday I was told I look like a giant scoop of mint ice cream ( in my mint colored shirt) -- that was different.

I'm a lot more tired. A LOT.

It hasn't quite hit met yet that we are having a kid in less than two months. Less than 60 days. Holy crap.

Also, I think I should start telling people when they ask that we are "yes" indeed ready for this baby. The sheer HORROR on this woman's face the other day when I told her "nope - not ready yet!" made it clear that maybe I should appear to be a little more prepared to the rest of the world, maybe I'll start believing it myself. (Fat chance)


Dear Baby Van Nuys,
I love your sweet face.
I love the way you sleep like your mama, with your hands and arms snuggled up in a ball by your chest.
I love that you look like your handsome Daddy.
I love your kicks and rolls, and your hiccups.
I love the fact that we get to meet you so soon.
I'm amazed at your little miracle life already.

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