Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mug Swap 2013

Kim's annual mug swap should probably be made into a national holiday - that's how big it is getting. 
It has been so much fun swapping with people over the last couple years.
My first mug I ever sent out was very special to me -- and it went all the way across the pond to England. How fun is that?!
I love that I'm one of 17 original mug swappers. I'm an OG ya'll. 

This year the mug swap fell in a really busy time for me - so I couldn't give it as much attention as I really wanted. But I still found an awesome mug to send to Allison.
I also included some awesome peacock napkins to go with it. 

My mug swap arrived yesterday and it was literally the happiest mail I've gotten in a long time.
Carina sent me so much happy in one little box. 
Not only a cute mug. A mug I almost bought for myself when I was buying Allisons mug. 
But earrings, a necklace (which I am wearing today), a crocheted coaster, some tea, and even a little crocheted hat for our little baby!

I also got to send out a second package to a lovely lady named Sue whose mug swapper didn't follow through with getting her a mug.
It's a fun little mug, I won't reveal it just yet incase she's reading.
But she has a sense of humor -- and I like that. 
I picked her something goofy which perfectly matches the kinds of mugs I like.

Thanks for hosting this awesome swap, Kim.
It's my favorite one of all time.
And apparently the favorite of 876 other people too. 
Let's keep this one going forever.

Mug Swap!


  1. I love those earrings, so cute! That was super nice of you to be another swappers happy mail savior. I hope she loves it! And yes I agree, let's keep this going on forever.

  2. What a perfect package to receive and the mug you sent was probably the most popular this year...I have been dying (lusting, ok - lusting) over it. Good stuff!

  3. You and baby sure got spoiled! Thanks for being an OG and co,ing back each year! And for hooking up Sue with a mug! :)