Saturday, September 7, 2013

1 Year.

One year ago today Seth & I were joined in marriage.
It was and still is my favorite day of all time. 
We had 200 of our closest friends and family, a beautiful venue, perfect weather -- and the best dance party you can imagine. 

This year has been a great time of growth, maturity, and humility for the both of us. We have certainly been through some challenges, and I'm happy to say that we are happy and look on this past year with a lot of gratitude. We hear so often that the first year is the hardest, I feel so blessed that ours has been really great. 

And that leads us to being asked quite often why our relationship works so well... Seth and I laugh a lot, and that was my favorite part of our wedding day -- we got to share how much we laugh and how that is our secret for being so happy together all the time. Ok, a big part of our secret. Great chemistry helps too. 

Other than laughing a lot, having tremendous respect and love for each other is a huge part of our marriage. We are careful to protect each others hearts, listen to each others needs, and try to understand the other as best we can -- even if sometimes that means nodding your head and smiling to thinks that are just plain crazy to me.

I am thankful for the way Seth challenges me. Thankful for how loving he is towards everyone he meets, how he is always giving them the benefit of the doubt and is always thinking of how he can make others happy. I want to have a love for people like he does. That part was evident in his guest list for the wedding. It far exceeded mine - but he couldn't fathom leaving anyone in his life out. It only added to our running joke that Seth knows everyone in town. 

I am thankful for the way he romances me. It is those small things that mean the most, like making home cooked meals and eating them in candlelight when I get home from work late and rushing to clean the house before I get home because he knows I'm dreading it. How he surprises me with ice cream, with breakfast in bed, or a special adult beverage concoction.  How he loves me when I don't deserve to be loved. 

That really is what marriage is all about -- forgiveness. Loving the unlovable parts, and I have plenty of those. Loving through the pain and disagreements -- and knowing the love is not based on how that day is going or the conditions I place around him - but based on a choice I have made to love him regardless. 

I'm thankful that we waited. 
Four years was long and people thought we were crazy. 
And maybe we were. 
But, God. 
But, God gave us strength. God gave us courage to go against what society said about sex and we waited till our wedding night.
I'm so glad we did. 

I am thankful for this year and all that has happened.
This year I have learned to like tolerate oldies music. Ok, sometimes I actually do enjoy it. 
This year I have learned to make my own puns and corny jokes.
This year we prayed for a new sense of home in the South Bay, He gave us a church family that is irreplaceable.
This year we prayed for boldness, He gave us a baby.
This year we prayed for friends we could minister to and disciple, He has given us ample new friendships and opportunities.
This year we prayed for peace in this next season, He gave us a notice to move and a new place to live.
In this next year I pray that we continue to cling to Jesus first in our marriage, and to know more deeply the sacrificial love of God and to love each other with that daily. 

You are the better part of me. I truly feel like people can't get to know me until they've met you. Life with you means constant adventure and silliness. I think of who I was before we got married -- high strung, too serious, and emotionally vulnerable. It's not that you have changed me, it's that being married to you has humbled me and shown me that my crap doesn't matter so much. It has shown me that glorifying Jesus matters most in our marriage and in my life; that means letting go, trusting God with the tough stuff, forgiving you always, and knowing that it is my joy to love you, to honor you, and to uphold this sacred covenant. 

I get all kinds of emotional when I think about you. I still get excited when you come home from work every day, if I had a tail it would definitely wag. I still get emotional when I remember our love story and all that we've been through. I'm excited for all the years we still have, all the life we still have left with each other. 

I'd choose you all over again. 
I'm excited to be old and cute with you - you know wearing suspenders and using a cane - rocking in chairs side by side. 
I love you and love being your wife.
Happy one year anniversary.

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  1. Did you cry when you wrote this, Jamie? Because you had me tearing up. "We are careful to protect each others hearts;" this is my favorite part of what you wrote. What a sweet sentiment and a thoughtful explanation of the respect and care you have for each other. Would that all couples could share the kind and thoughtfulness you both have to help guide your relationship. Happy anniversary! And to many happy more years for the two of you and your little man, and Penelope, of course. Xoxo