Tuesday, August 27, 2013

26 weeks.

How far along? 26 weeks!

Baby size? Baby is umm...large. Almost two pounds and about 15 inches long.

What's he up to in there? He is kicking a lot...and now in more areas than he was before - particularly on my bladder. What a sweety he is.

Total Weight Gain: 18 pounds -- probably more by now after my weekend eat-a-thon. Yikes.

Maternity clothes? yes. I don't live in anything else.

Stretch marks? yes. it makes me sad - but thus is the mark of motherhood. 

Sleep: I seem to wake up a lot earlier than usual and wake up from strange dreams. Last night I dreamt that my mug swap arrived completely broken and I had a nervous breakdown about it.

Best Moment:Having my girlfriends feel the baby kick! That was exciting for me and for them.

Melissa and Ashley also threw me a little baby shower when I was visiting this past weekend - it was SO special and I felt so loved. 

Miss anything? My regular hygiene routine...aka being able to shave.

Movement? Little man is very active!
Cravings: mexican food & sweet things.
The cravings come on strong at random times -- but usually after a regular meal I crave something sweet.  

Queasy/sick? nothing. I feel great!

Gender? Little stud muffin cutie man. 

Labor signs? Nope. But I get weird spasms in my belly that last a millisecond. I feel them after I've been sitting for a long time and get up. I hope that's not a labor sign.

Belly button? Still inny -- I have a feeling its not going to pop but we shall see.

Wedding rings on/off? On! I tried to find a potential replacement for when they get to small when I was on my vacation this past weekend but I was unsuccessful. Most of them look gaudy.

Mood? Stressed. Overwhelmed. More stress.

Looking Forward to: Moving. I want to move already and be settled. This whole living in boxes things still has me going bonkers.

We start moving on September 9th with final move in on Friday the 13th -- pray for us in the mix of all of that chaos. I'm still trying to pack a few boxes at a time but I'm starting to get overwhelmed with all the dust starting to accumulate. 

Tonight is my first night home in a week where I might be able to get some stuff done - I NEED that. We have laundry & chores and so much stacking up!

I desperately want peace right now.
Just two more weeks. 
More Jesus, less of me & my mess.
And two more weeks until can be settled.

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